The Fire in the Head: Visionary Medicines

The Fire in the Head: Visionary Medicines
Sunday, October 9 at 7:00 pm EDT with 1-week recording available 

The Fire in the Head: Visionary Medicines

For the ancient Irish, the fire in the head was the fire of vision and inspiration that poured forth as poetry and prophecy. Visionary medicines can help us kindle this fire. We will explore the role medicines like Yarrow, Mugwort, Cannabis, and Amanita muscaria can play in aiding divination. And we will speak of the etiquette, caution, and discernment necessary when dealing with the spirit realm.

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  • Hi Sean!

    I have an art show at Sugarloaf this weekend, but your class looked too good to pass up. I look forward to watching the recording next week. Thank you for dedicating your time to sharing your herbal wisdom with others. It’s much appreciated!

    Warm regards,


    Desiree DuBois

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