Of Pan and Panic: Rethinking Anxiety

Of Pan and Panic: Rethinking Anxiety
August 28 at 7:00 pm EDT with 1-week recording available

Of Pan and Panic: Rethinking Anxiety

The ancient Greeks spoke of a wild man with the legs and horns of a goat who dwelt in the forests and hills beyond the city walls and the village edge. Sometimes when the wind was right, you could catch his strange music and his musky scent drifting through the air, calling you to a wild dance. They said that to encounter Pan was to risk madness, that his music induced panikon, which simply means “panic,” in the hearts of villagers and the city folk. Hidden beneath that warning is a deeper truth: you only experience panic if you resist the wild dance. Join Seán for an exploration of an approach to anxiety that works with herbs not to suppress that movement but to relax tension and allow the movement to find healthy expression and resolution.

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