Lúnasa: Summer's Harvest

Lúnasa: Summer's Harvest
July 24 at 7:00 pm EDT with 1-week recording available

Lúnasa: Summer's Harvest

Lúnasa is the ancient fire festival that marks the harvest of the first fruits and grains and the beginning of summer's dying into winter. In the season to come, flowers will give way to fruit and seeds, the leaves of all but the evergreens will die and fall away, and plants will sink their energy and their consciousness down into their roots. This is a time for celebrating and giving thanks for the harvest – but also for taking stock of what is at hand, what must be preserved and put away, what must be let go, and what must be planted in autumn to bring forth new life in spring. We will explore the magic of late summer and of the plants of this season – Rowan, Goldenrod, Blackberry, and more!

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