Intensive: Psychedelics and the Rewilding of the Spirit

**Special Online Intensive** 

Psychedelics and the Rewilding of the Spirit
Saturday, December 3rd from Noon - 5 pm EDT
$66 - Includes access to the live class and 1-week access to the recording

Psychedelics and the Rewilding of the Spirit

Our consciousness did not arise alone. Consciousness is the fruiting body of a vast mycelial organism whose tendrils entwine with the roots of ancient trees and ephemeral wildflowers. Songs and poems are spores on the wind, carrying all we have known and felt and been to new soil where life might begin its wild fractal branching again.

Psychedelic compounds that plants and fungi evolved to help grow those networks of consciousness can help us reweave ourselves back into connection with the living world.  



In this intensive, we will explore:

  • the neurobiology of how compounds like psilocybin can facilitate connection with the living world
  • the importance of right relationship with the plants and fungi that produce psychedelic compounds
  • rewilding set and setting: creating your own bioregionally appropriate ritual framework for working with psychedelics
  • what we risk losing and what we stand to gain by working with psychedelics to connect with the wild

Two 15-minute breaks will be integrated into the session.

Registering for this class means that you are enrolling in the live webinar, with access to this recording for the week following the live session.

Note: This is a special online intensive course that is offered separately to the monthly subscription to Sunday evening classes. 


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