Crabapple Medicine, Crabapple Magic

Crabapple Medicine, Crabapple Magic
March 13 at 7:00 pm EDT and March 17 at Noon EDT

“Our wild apple is wild only like myself, perchance, who belong not to the aboriginal race here, but have strayed into the woods from cultivated stock.” 
- Henry David Thoreau


Many of us live far from the places our ancestors called home, but hunger for authentic connection with the living world around us. We cannot claim the culture of the Indigenous peoples of the land we live on or of our own Indigenous ancestors from distant lands as our own. In this class, Seán Pádraig O'Donoghue will share some of his own journey of rewilding his spirit through weaving together elements of the rituals and worldview of his Irish ancestors with his direct experience of connecting with the land and plants and animals of Maine. He will also offer guidance for how you can begin or deepen your own connection with the other-than-human world wherever you live and wherever your ancestors are from. 


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