A sunlit green yurt in the woods

November 2021

A Quest for Home and Sanctuary

This Samhain tide brought news of big change: before next summer ends, I will have to leave the beautiful cove in Western Maine that I have called home these past few years and the Loons and Herons and Eagles and Alders and Birches and Pines that have been my companions. My landlord is selling the house.

The pandemic brought a lot of new people to Western Maine, and rents have skyrocketed. I am luckier than many in that I have a lease, and hence a bit of time to plan where I will go next, but there are simply no other affordable places to rent in this part of the world – which had been one of the few remaining parts of rural New England where people without a lot of money could afford to get by.

With this change comes some opportunity and possibility: there is land not far from here where I can have the chance to put up a yurt. For the first time in my adult life, I would have the peace and stability of a home that is truly my own. I would be able to grow more of my own food and medicine and to help restore a forest that was cleared in the nineteenth century.

In the long term, this would be much more affordable than renting. But like many, right now, I am scraping to get by. My writing, teaching, and consultations are finally reaching the point where they can pay most of my basic expenses, but I am struggling to come up with the money upfront to make this new home a reality. I need to raise several thousand dollars between now and next summer. Registering for my courses and booking consultations will help me do that. It would also be a tremendous help if you could make a donation to help me create the sanctuary that can be the home for the work I do in the world.

-- Seán